Local Developments

The development of new homes should make our lives better. However there are times when a new construction project can pose serious problems to the surrounding neighbourhood. These include:

  • Negatively impacting the character of the neighbourhood.
  • Reducing the safety of the environment.
  • Heavily increasing local traffic.
  • Negatively impacting the structure of the surrounding neighbourhood.

These problems are important to avoid because once a project is complete, it is very difficult to reverse its impact. This is where the YMNA can help you. See all current and proposed development projects below.

current projects

Current/Proposed Projects

16 Kirting Place

16 Kirtling Place, east of Harrison Road: City Council refused the application for six townhouses facing York Mills Road with one detached house. The developer appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. At the OMB Hearing Feb. 27 to March 3, 2017, City Planners & Lawyer as Parties opposed the development, and we with residents spoke as Participants opposing it. The OMB on August 17, 2018 refused approval of the application.

A new developer is now proposing 7 townhouses on the site. The City Planning Department is expected to hold a Community Consultation meeting for the neighbourhood this Spring.

2 Harrison Rd

At 2 Harrison Road, 6 townhouses are proposed along York Mills Road. 248 residents signed a petition opposing it. At the City’s Community Consultation meeting on Sept. 20, 2016, attendees strongly opposed the proposal. City Planning staff recommended against the application and City Council refused it on Jan. 31, 2017. The developer adjusted the plan, and appealed. At the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Hearing Dec. 2 to 5, 2019, City Planners & Lawyer as Parties opposed the development and we with 3 neighbours spoke as Participants opposing it. We await a decision.

1 Heathcote Ave

A 6 unit townhouse development, 4 storeys tall, was proposed for 1 Heathcote Avenue fronting along Bayview at the SE corner with Heathcote. The developer reduced the plans to 3 storeys and the height by an additional three feet to comply with the City’s Bayview Townhouse Design Guidelines. City Council approved this on Jan. 31, 2018. Construction is now underway.

2617 & 2619 Bayview Ave

A developer plans 6 townhouses at 2617 & 2619 Bayview with a new narrow detached house around the NE corner behind them at 6 Heathcote Avenue. City Planning staff negotiated revisions to the plan and City Council on March 28, 2017 approved the amended plan. Construction has not begun.

2706 Bayview Ave

At 2706 Bayview, a developer proposed 3 townhouses facing Bayview while moving the existing large house much farther back behind them on the property. Caldy Court residents strongly expressed concern about the rear view the large house would create on their street. After discussion with neighbours, the developer has agreed to remove the large house and build 5 townhouses near Bayview, preserving the rear lawn that faces Caldy Court.

2535-2537 Bayview Ave

A double lot on the east side south of York Mills Road, a developer is proposing 8 townhouses facing Bayview, with 2 new separate detached houses in behind them. City staff are discussing plan revisions with the developer and may provide an updated report soon in 2019.

2654, 2656, 2660 Bayview Ave

Three deep lots on the west side opposite Old Colony Road, a developer proposes 8 townhouses facing Bayview and 7 new small detached houses in their rear. City Planning staff should hold a public Community Consultation meeting for local residents to hear and see the detailed proposal, and ask questions.

2673-2675 Bayview Ave

At 2673-2675 Bayview, east side north of Old Colony Road, 8 townhouses are proposed facing Bayview, with 2 new detached houses in the interior behind them. City staff held a Community Consultation meeting in April, 2019 for nearby residents to see the detailed proposal and ask questions. City Planning ultimately recommended the proposal and North York Community Council approved it on Feb.5, 2020.

2710 Bayview Ave

At 2710-16-20-22 Bayview, west side, south of the Truman/Fifeshire intersection, 20 townhouses are planned with one new detached house behind them facing Caldy Court. The City and nearby residents negotiated refinements in the plan, including a public parkette, and City Council approved it in December, 2016. The approved site was subsequently sold to new developers and construction has not yet begun.

The Old Colony & Bayview

The Old Colony Road & Bayview Avenue southeast corner townhouse development application was approved by Ontario Municipal Board in March, 2016 to build 10 townhouses on Bayview and 2 new detached houses behind them facing onto Old Colony Road. Construction has not yet begun.

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