Local Developments

The development of new homes should make our lives better. However there are times when a new construction project can pose serious problems to the surrounding neighbourhood. These include:

  • Negatively impacting the character of the neighbourhood.
  • Reducing the safety of the environment.
  • Heavily increasing local traffic.
  • Negatively impacting the structure of the surrounding neighbourhood.

These problems are important to avoid because once a project is complete, it is very difficult to reverse its impact. This is where the YMNA can help you. See all current and proposed development projects below.

current projects

Current/Proposed Projects


On 15 July 2020 the LPAT issued a final Order approving the amendments to the City of Toronto zoning by-law needed for Lym Developments (Minto) to proceed with their proposed development of 192 stacked back-to-back townhouses.  The City initially refused the requested amendment for a significant increase in density and Minto appealed the decision to LPAT (the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, the successor to the OMB).

Voicing the concerns of local residents and with support from Councillor Jaye Robinson, the YMNA also opposed the development at the LPAT hearing in January 2019, primarily because of Minto’s request for two temporary steel parking structures on the south area of the site and the related loss of green space and mature trees.

The location of the 4 blocks of townhouses is shown on Schedule RM6 (243) on pg. 10 of the LPAT ruling and the location of the parking structures is shown on Schedule 3 on pg. 14 (see attached PDF).  

The LPAT Order requires Minto to meet several conditions and make provisions for improvement.  Those of interest to residents include:

+ Use of the temporary parking structures expires 2 years after issuance of building permits.
+ Provide a minimum of 3,100 m2 of privately owned publicly-accessible space (POPS) and 10,000 m2 of maintained landscaping on the lot.
+ Payment of $650,000 to the City for improvements to Mossgrove Park and Kirkwood Park.
+ Upgrade the existing outdoor pool area, maintain the existing amenity space in the three apartment buildings and provide a new (250 m2) amenity building next to the pool area for use by residents of the site.
+ Minto shall not pass through any of the construction costs to the tenants of the existing rental buildings, for example, in the form of increased rent.
+ Maintain the existing rental apartment building as rental housing for a minimum of 20 years.
+ Prior to issuance of the first permits for demolition of the existing underground parking and building, Minto must implement a Construction Management Plan and a Tenant and Neighbourhood Communication Strategy in consultation with the City Planning Dept.

The development is currently going through the Site Plan approval process with City Planning and Minto has applied for demolition and building permits.

In response to the City’s requests for changes and additional information, Minto recently submitted revised plans and a Construction Mitigation Plan & Tenant and Neighbourhood Communication Strategy, dated December 17, 2020.  Some notable updates are:

+ A planned temporary access road on the west side of the site off Farmstead Road for use by residents of the apartment buildings
+ Construction period will be approximately 3½ years
+ Minto anticipate starting the site preparation and tree felling in February 2021  

Minto’s cover letter, the Neighbourhood Communication Strategy and other documents, are available on the City Planning Application Information Centre (AIC) website: http://app.toronto.ca/AIC/index.do?folderRsn=2lqXi1pYFSh0wFCGgaLcGg%3D%3D

Please ensure when you open the link, you click the line for the Site Plan Application, file 16 269750 NNY 25 SA at the top of the page under "Related Applications" to bring up the documents on the AIC.  

The YMNA is in contact with City Planning and will inform residents and update our website when we know of significant change in the status.  City Planning has let Minto know the YMNA has offered to be a contact for their communication with neighborhood residents.  

From: Councillor Jaye Robinson <councillor_robinson@toronto.ca>
Sent: February 3, 2021 3:51 PM
Subject: 740-750 York Mills Road & 17 Farmstead Road - Site Plan Update

Good Afternoon,
I am writing to let you know that I met virtually with Stephen Gardiner, City Planner, and the Manager of Community Planning, John Andreevski, to discuss the 740-740 York Mills & 17 Farmstead Construction Mitigation Report on Monday. As mentioned in previous emails, I am very concerned by the construction schedule submitted by the applicant. Their argument in favour of the two-storey temporary parking garage – which the City firmly opposed – was based on the claim that they would be able to complete construction in half the time, two years instead of four. I was incredibly disappointed, but unfortunately not surprised, to see the plans submitted by Minto. Despite the many commitments made to the contrary, the developer has now submitted a construction schedule that forecasts three and a half years of construction. It was misleading and disingenuous to promise an accelerated construction schedule in order to gain support for the proposed temporary structure. In the past, we have had many discussions about the City's inability to enforce construction timelines once the structure is approved by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT). This is part of the reason we fought so hard against this proposal in the first place. In this case, however, we do have one important tool at our disposal: the temporary parking structure is only permitted for two years after the issuance of the first building permit, as per the LPAT's order and zoning by-law. Stephen Gardiner has conveyed this information to the applicant, as well as our community's significant concerns with the proposed construction schedule. As it stands, the City has not approved the Site Plan and construction is not yet permitted to proceed. City Planning has requested that the applicant reassess their construction schedule, with consideration of their timeline commitments at the LPAT. I will keep you advised of any pertinent updates from City Planning on this file. Thanks again for your continued engagement on this challenging application.

Warm regards, Jaye

Jaye Robinson City Councillor | Ward 15 - Don Valley West

As of February 12, 2021 the YMNA has not received any direct communication from Minto.



16 Kirtling Place, east of Harrison Road: City Council refused the application for six townhouses facing York Mills Road with one detached house. The developer appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board at a Hearing Feb. 27 to March 3, 2017. City Planners & Lawyer opposed the development and we with residents spoke as Participants opposing it. The OMB on August 17, 2018 refused approval primarily because the fronts would face York Mills Road.  A new developer now proposes 7 townhouses facing Kirtling Place with underground parking accessible from Kirtling Place. At the Sept.14, 2020 Community Consultation, local residents did not seem loudly opposed, but requested a public sidewalk be added for safety. City Planning staff are reviewing possible “fine tuning” of the plan.



At 2 Harrison Road, 6 townhouses are proposed along York Mills Road. 248 residents signed a petition opposing it. At the City’s Community Consultation meeting on Sept. 20, 2016, attendees strongly opposed the proposal. City Planning staff recommended against the application and City Council refused it on Jan. 31, 2017. The developer appealed at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Hearing Dec. 2 to 5, 2019, City Planners & Lawyer opposed the development and we with 3 neighbours spoke as Participants opposing it, but LPAT approved this application, citing its proximity to the existing very large Bayview Mills townhouse community nearby. Construction has not begun.



A 6 unit townhouse development, 4 storeys tall, was proposed for 1 Heathcote Avenue fronting along Bayview at the SE corner with Heathcote. The developer reduced the plans to 3 storeys and the height by an additional three feet to comply with the City’s Bayview Townhouse Design Guidelines. City Council approved this on Jan. 31, 2018. Construction is now underway.


2617 & 2619 BAYVIEW AVE

A developer plans 6 townhouses at 2617 &amp; 2619 Bayview with a new narrow detached house around the NE corner behind them at 6 Heathcote Avenue. City Planning staff negotiated revisions to the plan and City Council on March 28, 2017 approved the amended plan. Construction has not begun.



At 2706 Bayview, a developer proposed 3 townhouses facing Bayview while moving the existing  large house farther back behind on the property. Caldy Court neighbours opposed the rear view this would create for their street. The developer now proposes to remove the large house and build 4 townhouses and access driveway facing Bayview, with parking area in the rear. Neighbours and City Planning staff seem to prefer this new plan.


2535-2537 BAYVIEW AVE

A double lot on the east side south of York Mills Road, a developer is proposing 8 townhouses facing Bayview, with 2 new separate detached houses in behind them. City staff are discussing plan revisions with the developer and may provide an updated report soon in 2019.


2654, 2656, 2660, 2668 BAYVIEW AVE

At 2654, 2656, 2660, 2668 Bayview, four deep lots on the west side opposite Old Colony Road, a developer proposes 12 townhouses facing Bayview with 5 new detached houses in the rear and a new access road to them from Bayview. City Planning staff held a December 1st Virtual Community Consultation meeting for local residents to listen and participate in. We await further comments from City Planning staff.


2673-2675 BAYVIEW AVE

At 2673-2675 Bayview, east side north of Old Colony Road, 8 townhouses are proposed facing Bayview, with 2 new detached houses in the interior behind them. City staff held a Community Consultation meeting in April, 2019 for nearby residents to see the detailed proposal and ask questions. City Planning ultimately recommended the proposal and North York Community Council approved it on Feb.5, 2020.



At 2710-16-20-22 Bayview, west side, south of the Truman/Fifeshire intersection, 20 townhouses are planned with one new detached house behind them facing Caldy Court. The City and nearby residents negotiated refinements in the plan, including a public parkette, and City Council approved it in December, 2016. The approved site was subsequently sold to new developers and construction has not yet begun.



The Old Colony Road &amp; Bayview Avenue southeast corner townhouse development application was approved by Ontario Municipal Board in March, 2016 to build 10 townhouses on Bayview and 2 new detached houses behind them facing onto Old Colony Road. Construction has not yet begun.


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