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There are times when a new construction project can pose problems to the surrounding neighbourhood by negatively impacting its structure & character, increasing traffic and even compromising safety. Our goal is to ensure that new local developments have a net positive impact on our community. However due to limited resources, we can only focus on multi-unit developments that impact large numbers of residents. If you have an issue with a single family home, please use the below resources.

Jaye Robinson – Don Valley West City Councillor
+ PHONE – (416) 395 6408
+ Major Developments — Councillor Jaye Robinson
+ Councillor Jaye Robinson's Newsletters for all current developments

Excessive noise, dust, traffic:
Goldman Chan, Supervisor, Noise Enforcement
EMAIL: Goldman.Chan@toronto.ca
CALL: 311

Permit Application status - city of toronto website

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Current/Proposed Projects

390 Woodsworth Road

Recently, the York Mills Neighbours Association (YMNA) learned of a proposed major new redevelopment project that will impact our community. The developer, Plaza Partners, proposes to demolish 48 (or 60%) of the townhouses located at 390-400 Woodsworth Road, north of Bannatyne Drive, and replace them with three 8 storey towers.

These towers will be located on the east side of the property along Leslie Street. This development is out of keeping with the character of our neighbourhood. A tenant information virtual meeting was held by the developer with townhouse tenants on Tuesday, October 26. The YMNA attended this meeting as a community stakeholder.

Our concerns with this application including, but not limited to:

·         The demolition of 48 existing, three-bedroom rental units;

·         The exacerbation of existing traffic issues in the area;

·         The height, built form, and massing of the proposed development

·         The proposed removal of 147 trees on site;

·         The impacts of construction on immediate neighbours, particularly those living in the retained townhouses to the west of the site; and

·         The potential for privacy and overlook issues on neighbouring properties.

We will represent the interests of the York Mills community in opposing high density development that is clearly out of character with our local area.

See Councillor Jaye Robinson's letter to the community

801 York Mills Road / 1855 Leslie Street

First Realty Capital has proposed a major redevelopment of the property on the south east quadrant of York Mills Road and Leslie Street – 801 York Mills Road / 1855 Leslie Street.

It includes the buildings currently housing Windfield’s Restaurant and Swiss Chalet. It also includes the property on Leslie where Browns Veterinary clinic was. It does not include the property at the corner containing a strip plaza with the Big Smoke Burger restaurant and Sleep Country.

The development proposal submitted to the City includes:

  1. 2 towers – 21 stories each connected with a 7-storey podium along York Mills Rd where the Winfield’s and Swiss Chalet buildings are.
  2. 1 mid-rise building of 9 stories on Leslie St where Brown’s Vet was located.
  3. Retail businesses in the 7 storey podium of the ‘towers’ building.
  4. A group of townhouses and a very small park located at the east end of the property, fronting on Scarsdale.
  5. 801 York Mills - Height of the 2 towers was reduced to 16 storeys vs 22 storeys.
  6. Height of podium connecting the towers was raised to 8 storeys vs 5 storeys with a southern extension now up to 10 storeys
  7. 1855 Leslie– Height/configuration was changed to 5 storey stacked townhouses vs 9 storey condo

This new development borders the areas of YMNA and DMRI (Don Mills Residents Association Inc.) which will have a great negative impact on both our communities. 


Minto started the site preparation in January 2022 to construct a total of 192 back-to-back stacked townhouses in 4 blocks.  This project was opposed by the YMLRA (the residents association at the time), Jaye Robinson, Councillor for Ward 15, and the City of Toronto, primarily because of disruption to neighbours and residents over several years, the loss of green space and mature trees, and the plan to erect a 2-level temporary parking structure on the south side of the site adjacent to York Mills and Leslie.  Minto proposed the parking structure at the OMB hearing for the project in 2019, on the promise the additional parking capacity would shorten the construction period from 4 years to 2 years.  The proposal was approved by the OMB without significant modification.

In legal agreements between the YMLRA, the City and the OMB, and subsequent written communication with the YMNA, Minto made several commitments:

·          Regular communication with residents about the status of the project and any issues arising from construction activities

·         Not allow staging of construction vehicles on local streets, specifically Farmstead, Leslie and York Mills.  All staging must be performed within the construction site.  (Staging is the parking or idling of vehicles waiting to load/unload at the site.)

·         To only perform Saturday work “in the rarest of instances” and to advise residents of weekend work in advance.  An allowed example of this is to complete concrete pours.

·         Removal of the temporary parking structure on the south side of the site after 2 years, from the date of permit issue.  Minto expects the permit will be issued in October 2022.

Minto has set-up a website for the development project with Q&A and biweekly activity updates, see:

Minto Group Inc. - Rent An Apartment In Toronto - York Mills And Leslie
To contact Minto during working hours:
or at 416-444-0322

24 Hour After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 1-866-996-4686

The efforts Minto will take to minimize the affect of construction on residents and the construction schedule are set-out the Construction Mitigation and Communication Strategy, available on the website (PDF document).  Note, the construction period is now expected to be 4 years.

The YMNA has formed a residents’ group to communicate with Minto and we currently hold monthly conference calls.  If you live in the vicinity of the Minto site and are interested in joining the communication group, please do not hesitate to contact the YMNA at: info@ymna.ca

If you experience an issue related to the Minto construction, e.g. excessive noise, dust, truck parking or staging on your street, please contact Minto, orfollow the suggestions at the top of this page.


16 Kirtling Place, east of Harrison Road: City Council refused the application for six townhouses facing York Mills Road with one detached house. The developer appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board at a Hearing Feb. 27 to March 3, 2017. City Planners & Lawyer opposed the development and we with residents spoke as Participants opposing it. The OMB on August 17, 2018 refused approval primarily because the fronts would face York Mills Road.  A new developer now proposes 7 townhouses facing Kirtling Place with underground parking accessible from Kirtling Place. At the Sept.14, 2020 Community Consultation, local residents did not seem loudly opposed, but requested a public sidewalk be added for safety. City Planning staff are reviewing possible “fine tuning” of the plan.


At 2 Harrison Road, 6 townhouses are proposed along York Mills Road. 248 residents signed a petition opposing it. At the City’s Community Consultation meeting on Sept. 20, 2016, attendees strongly opposed the proposal. City Planning staff recommended against the application and City Council refused it on Jan. 31, 2017. The developer appealed at the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal Hearing Dec. 2 to 5, 2019, City Planners & Lawyer opposed the development and we with 3 neighbours spoke as Participants opposing it, but LPAT approved this application, citing its proximity to the existing very large Bayview Mills townhouse community nearby. Construction has not begun.


A 6 unit townhouse development, 4 storeys tall, was proposed for 1 Heathcote Avenue fronting along Bayview at the SE corner with Heathcote. The developer reduced the plans to 3 storeys and the height by an additional three feet to comply with the City’s Bayview Townhouse Design Guidelines. City Council approved this on Jan. 31, 2018. Construction is now underway.

2617 & 2619 BAYVIEW AVE

A developer plans 6 townhouses at 2617 &; 2619 Bayview with a new narrow detached house around the NE corner behind them at 6 Heathcote Avenue. City Planning staff negotiated revisions to the plan and City Council on March 28, 2017 approved the amended plan. Construction has not begun.


At 2706 Bayview, a developer proposed 3 townhouses facing Bayview while moving the existing  large house farther back behind on the property. Caldy Court neighbours opposed the rear view this would create for their street. The developer now proposes to remove the large house and build 4 townhouses and access driveway facing Bayview, with parking area in the rear. Neighbours and City Planning staff seem to prefer this new plan.

2535-2537 BAYVIEW AVE

A double lot on the east side south of York Mills Road, a developer is proposing 8 townhouses facing Bayview, with 2 new separate detached houses in behind them. City staff are discussing plan revisions with the developer and may provide an updated report soon in 2019.

2654, 2656, 2660, 2668 BAYVIEW AVE

At 2654, 2656, 2660, 2668 Bayview, four deep lots on the west side opposite Old Colony Road, a developer proposes 12 townhouses facing Bayview with 5 new detached houses in the rear and a new access road to them from Bayview. City Planning staff held a December 1st Virtual Community Consultation meeting for local residents to listen and participate in. We await further comments from City Planning staff.

2673-2675 BAYVIEW AVE

At 2673-2675 Bayview, east side north of Old Colony Road, 8 townhouses are proposed facing Bayview, with 2 new detached houses in the interior behind them. City staff held a Community Consultation meeting in April, 2019 for nearby residents to see the detailed proposal and ask questions. City Planning ultimately recommended the proposal and North York Community Council approved it on Feb.5, 2020.


At 2710-16-20-22 Bayview, west side, south of the Truman/Fifeshire intersection, 20 townhouses are planned with one new detached house behind them facing Caldy Court. The City and nearby residents negotiated refinements in the plan, including a public parkette, and City Council approved it in December, 2016. The approved site was subsequently sold to new developers and construction has not yet begun.


The Old Colony Road & Bayview Avenue southeast corner townhouse development application was approved by Ontario Municipal Board in March, 2016 to build 10 townhouses on Bayview and 2 new detached houses behind them facing onto Old Colony Road. Construction has not yet begun.

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