Our Leadership

Meet our dedicated Board of Directors!

Paul Grimes


Paul is Senior VP at one of Canada’s leading life insurance companies. He’s a true industry veteran of over 30 years, having started from the humble beginnings of door knocking, climbing all the way to executive management. His goal oriented leadership and innovative problem solving lend to his role of advancing the YMNA’s mission of improving daily life for residents.

Alex Greco


Alex is a seasoned government relations & policy professional that has worked with, represented and influenced entire industries in Canada. He's lived in the YMNA area since his early childhood years, and during his YMNA presidency leveraged the leadership and strategic skills he's developed through his career to make sure the YMNA best served its members.

Alex Yu


Building values and maximizing potential. These are the simple yet powerful principles Alex applies to both his career in wealth management and his role as treasurer at the YMNA. His 15+ year career continues to flourish as he adds value to both his clients and the YMNA’s residents using a proven analytical skill set and strong code of ethics.

Susan Macarz


Susan is a seasoned real estate broker and veteran with over 20 years of experience helping local and international investors. Her marketing and negotiation skills, paired with her integrity, warm personality, dedication to the people she serves as well as her attention to detail all make Susan the perfect organizer of all the YMNA events you get to attend!

Akash Sahai


Akash is an experienced entrepreneur that grows businesses via team building and collaborative problem solving in the fintech, payments, travel, direct marketing and consumer services industries. His interpersonal and strategic skill set across broad industries makes him a huge asset to the YMNA’s goal of strengthening and improving our community!

Connie Sarvanandan


Connie’s near 25 year career spans roles in marketing, sales communication, executive roles at HBO, investment consulting and real estate. Her experience in managing people across a broad set of industries makes Connie a great asset in helping the YMNA’s leadership team move cohesively towards its goals of improving residents’ lives.

Michael Orr


Michael’s decades-long consulting career includes senior roles in IBM as well as operating his own consultancy where he’s developed a robust analytical skill set in IT strategy and other business processes. His analytical expertise paired with his passion and devotion for our community lend great value to the YMNA leadership.

Vahid Korhani


Vahid is an entrepreneur in the IT industry with notable technology credentials. His community oriented values ensure he’s always happy to help at the grassroots level. With past community experience in helping to manage TDSB trustee candidates, Vahid brings a combination of business and community expertise to the YMNA.