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A photo of 10 diverse multiracial community members sitting at a meeting attentively paying attention as one of the members in the front raises her hand to speak.

Member Engagement

Join the YMNA Membership Committee and interact with people in your community by helping us increase our membership and keep our current members engaged and informed!

A woman holding up her baby with a beautiful colourful forest and trees in the background signifying a safe neighbourhood.

Community Safety

Help keep our communities safe by joining our Community Safety Committee. Work together with local police divisions 32 & 33 to plan and implement neighbourhood safety initiatives.

A top view photo of 5 community members sitting at a picnic table enjoying a community event.

Event Planning

Do you enjoy planning events and meeting new people? Join our Event Committee and help bring our calendar year to life with social and political gatherings throughout the seasons.

A top view photo of 5 community members sitting at a table strategically planning their next moves to improve the community and talking about local construction projects.

Local Developments

Do you want to maintain the value, character and safety of your neighbourhood? Our Local Development Committee help ensure all local construction benefits our community.


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