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Minto started the site preparation in January 2022 to construct a total of 192 back-to-back stacked townhouses in 4 blocks.  This project was opposed by the YMLRA (the residents association at the time), Jaye Robinson, Councillor for Ward 15, and the City of Toronto, primarily because of disruption to neighbours and residents over several years, the loss of green space and mature trees, and the plan to erect a 2-level temporary parking structure on the south side of the site adjacent to York Mills and Leslie.  Minto proposed the parking structure at the OMB hearing for the project in 2019, on the promise the additional parking capacity would shorten the construction period from 4 years to 2 years.  The proposal was approved by the OMB without significant modification.

In legal agreements between the YMLRA, the City and the OMB, and subsequent written communication with the YMNA, Minto made several commitments:

·          Regular communication with residents about the status of the project and any issues arising from construction activities

·         Not allow staging of construction vehicles on local streets, specifically Farmstead, Leslie and York Mills.  All staging must be performed within the construction site.  (Staging is the parking or idling of vehicles waiting to load/unload at the site.)

·         To only perform Saturday work “in the rarest of instances” and to advise residents of weekend work in advance.  An allowed example of this is to complete concrete pours.

·         Removal of the temporary parking structure on the south side of the site after 2 years, from the date of permit issue.  Minto expects the permit will be issued in October 2022.

Minto has set-up a website for the development project with Q&A and biweekly activity updates, see:

Minto Group Inc. - Rent An Apartment In Toronto - York Mills And Leslie
To contact Minto during working hours:
or at 416-444-0322

24 Hour After Hours Emergency Contact Number: 1-866-996-4686

The efforts Minto will take to minimize the affect of construction on residents and the construction schedule are set-out the Construction Mitigation and Communication Strategy, available on the website (PDF document).  Note, the construction period is now expected to be 4 years.

The YMNA has formed a residents’ group to communicate with Minto and we currently hold monthly conference calls.  If you live in the vicinity of the Minto site and are interested in joining the communication group, please do not hesitate to contact the YMNA at:

If you experience an issue related to the Minto construction, e.g. excessive noise, dust, truck parking or staging on your street, please contact Minto, orfollow the suggestions at the top of this page.

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