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Donate to your community association and help maintain & improve the safety, living standards and property value of your neighbourhood.

How Your Donations Help

Property Value

The value of your home can be impacted by various factors such as local construction projects. The YMNA ensures that all such factors ONLY improve property value, not decrease it. However, this requires a lot of time and effort, including professional correspondence with various regulatory organizations such as the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (LPAT) as well as the City of Toronto.

Community Safety

Your neighbourhood safety is also impacted by not only local construction, but also unforeseen events and spikes in crime rates like we’ve seen in recent years. Your donations help fuel our efforts to ensure safer construction projects, as well as the planning and implementation of community safety initiatives, which we develop in collaboration with Toronto Police 32 and 33 division.

Community Events

The YMNA’s volunteer committee works hard to host valuable events for our residents year-round. A lot of time and resources go into organizing these events, as well as securing and paying for venues, food and drink, entertainment and guest speakers. Ranging from our annual Holiday Social to our Federal Election Candidate Series, your donations help us organize and put on critical events that strengthen our community and keep us all informed.

General Support

As you may know, the YMNA board members and team players are all volunteers, and many of our community efforts require both time and money. When you donate, you help fund our efforts to maintain and improve your very own community. Whether it be property value, community safety, social events, or any other unforeseen events or emergencies that may arise, your donations help us help you!