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801 York Mills Road / 1855 Leslie Street

First Realty Capital has proposed a major redevelopment of the property on the south east quadrant of York Mills Road and Leslie Street – 801 York Mills Road / 1855 Leslie Street.

It includes the buildings currently housing Windfield’s Restaurant and Swiss Chalet. It also includes the property on Leslie where Browns Veterinary clinic was. It does not include the property at the corner containing a strip plaza with the Big Smoke Burger restaurant and Sleep Country.

The development proposal submitted to the City includes:

  1. 2 towers – 21 stories each connected with a 7-storey podium along York Mills Rd where the Winfield’s and Swiss Chalet buildings are.
  2. 1 mid-rise building of 9 stories on Leslie St where Brown’s Vet was located.
  3. Retail businesses in the 7 storey podium of the ‘towers’ building.
  4. A group of townhouses and a very small park located at the east end of the property, fronting on Scarsdale.

This new development borders the areas of YMNA and DMRI (Don Mills Residents Association Inc.) which will have a great negative impact on both our communities. 

Specific issues with this development include:

  1. Extremely high density – 636 condo / rental residential units in the 3 towers. 
  2. Excessive building height of the two 21 storey towers facing York Mills, rising up 74 meters and is in contravention of By-law 569-2013 which governs the height of residential buildings in Toronto. 
  3. Height and proximity of the 9-storey tower on Leslie to the homes south on Hurlingham Cresent. This will dramatically impact the quality and value of these properties. 
  4. A large volume of incremental traffic affecting York Mills, Leslie and the local streets. 
  5. Lack of space in local elementary schools to accommodate residents’ children.

We need your support to fight against overdevelopment in our neighbourhood. 

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801 York Mills Road / 1855 Leslie Street


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