390-400 Woodsworth

Recently, the York Mills Neighbours Association (YMNA) learned of a proposed major new redevelopment project that will impact our community. The developer, Plaza Partners, proposes to demolish 48 (or 60%) of the townhouses located at 390-400 Woodsworth Road, north of Bannatyne Drive, and replace them with three 8 storey towers.

These towers will be located on the east side of the property along Leslie Street. This development is out of keeping with the character of our neighbourhood.

A tenant information virtual meeting was held by the developer with townhouse tenants on Tuesday, October 26. The YMNA attended this meeting as a community stakeholder.

Our concerns with this application including, but not limited to:

  1. The demolition of 48 existing, three-bedroom rental units
  2. The exacerbation of existing traffic issues in the area
  3. The height, built form, and massing of the proposed development
  4. The proposed removal of 147 trees on site
  5. The impacts of construction on immediate neighbours, particularly those living in the retained townhouses to the west of the site
  6. The potential for privacy and overlook issues on neighbouring properties

We will represent the interests of the York Mills community in opposing high density development that is clearly out of character with our local area.

Join the YMNA and let your voice be heard!

Let's tell the developer that 390-400 Woodsworth Condo project is not what our community wants.

See Councillor Jaye Robinson's letter to the communityGet involved. email us

The YMNA strongly opposes this initial proposal
which includes:

  • Removing 60% of current Townhouse units (48 of 80) and replacing them with3 eight storey blocks along Leslie St side.
  • Increase volume of total units 5 fold (from 80 to 411 units).
  • Construct new access road to Leslie St directly north of Bannatyne Dr.
  • Sets precedence for further uncontrolled development in direct neighbourhood.
  • Construction disruption could potentially extend to six years.
  • Plaza Partners the developer has submitted application to City and is currently going throughreview and the assessment process.